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WELCOME to our new members we hope you will enjoy your shopping experience, some tips to remember.

WASHING HANDS BEFORE SHOPPING. We ask before you start your shopping to wash your hands in the basin in the disabled toilet, please.

BAGS, CONTAINERS ETC. Do not forget to BYO containers for your shopping.

SHOPPING LIST. Please put your name & membership number before handing it to the person on the iPad. This makes it easier for everyone. Thank you.

SHOPPING TROLLEYS. A good idea to purchase to make your shopping easier. With a basket for easy lift into your car. We are aware of the parking space, don’t forget the pickup zone outside the café.

VOLUNTEERS. Do not forget we are all volunteers and have busy lives, if you see something that needs doing go for it. Open times please stick to them and try and get your shopping done in these times.


Thursdays- 9am/1pm & 5/6.30 pm & Saturdays – 9am /12pm

This gives you an extra hour to shop. We are incredibly lucky to be able to do this with the space we have. Also, it will be easier parking with the evening times. We do realise it’s hard for parking and the disabled parking seems to fill fast.


Don't forget we close for the school holidays, to give all of our volunteers a well-earned break.

OPEN Feb 2nd – 6th April

OPEN 27th April – 22nd June

OPEN 13th July – 14th Sept


The volunteer days are now

Wednesday: - 3/4pm for restocking

Thursday: 8/9am for cleaning - wiping down benches, sweeping & empty bins etc, deliveries to be put away (milk etc.)

Saturday: 8/9am: cleaning - wiping down benches, sweeping & empty bins etc., deliveries to be put away (milk etc.)

Extra volunteer jobs: - We need someone to take care of some of the recycling e.g., any of the bins we have for batteries, phones etc. to be taken to the appropriate places for recycling say once a term. Also, it would be great to add more, recycling of pens, corks??. An exchange book cupboard as well.

A text message will be sent to all members with dates that need to be fill. This is a great way to see how we work and meet people.


Please take a couple of boxes each time you shop and re-use or recycle. Also, if anyone can find a place, we can recycle the foam boxes this would be another way for your volunteer time.


We were successful in adding an upright glass door freezer from the City of Ballarat Community Impact Grant Program. Thank you, City of Ballarat & Wendy Taylor.


I (Wendy) was nominated for the Ballarat Citizen of the year 2022, thank you to all involved l was very shocked and honored.


Our 10th year anniversary calendar was a great way to celebrate. This has let people know we have been operating for 10 years this year on the 4th Sept. Thanks to everyone who supported this as it is a great way to advertise. Also lets you keep updated with our open days.

A big thank you to Penthea (Vegas and Rose Photography) who did a great job on the calendar.


We have updated our website and we are looking for someone to take care of it with updates etc. as well as the Facebook page. If you are keen to help, please come and have a chat.


We have updated our website and we are looking for someone to take care of it with updates etc. as well as the Facebook page. If you are keen to help, please come and have a chat. OP-SHOP/WORKSHOPS:

All the dates have been set for the Op Shops, another great way to support us and either have a stall, volunteer to help on the day, or come and shop. Last year’s days were very successful and we can’t wait to get things going again. REUSE, REDUCE, HAVE FUN, MIX WITH LIKE MINDED PEOPLE.

We will be having a number of workshops this year: we will be having a wide range of things to make etc. Last year was very successful in, KASUNDI around the pot, MURRAYS spice day, bake a CAKE with Sara Kittelty, make a WREATH with Kaitlyn, knitting, crochet, spinning with STEPH ETC. look out for this year’s lineup.

We have a fantastic subcommittee of enthusiastic people making this happen.


Carboni pasta has been a great hit ranging from gnocchi to ravioli, don’t miss out on this fast-food favorite, being fresh make a quick sauce with our fresh veggies and your set.


These markets will be running throughout the year, being on the Committee is great exposure for BWC as we are on all advertising. the Christmas Market was a very big success with over 1000 people coming to the event.


some of our farmers/makers that have been with us along the way.

ENBOM HONEY – always delicious and delivered to our door.

MANNA HILL – award winning olive oil. Julie and Campbell are such great supporters shopping weekly and delivering.

BURRUM DYNAMICS – Rolled oats, grains, lentils etc etc. All the good staples for the pantry and even better when Tanya hand delivers straight from the farm in Marnoo.

POWLETT HILL – Bio Dynamic flours and grains just out the road past Creswick.


Very popular pumpkin, sunflower seeds, Roasted hazelnuts. Choc pumpkin/hazelnut & the choc turmeric walnuts. From Bright and only have the best, a great place to visit the farm as well and please say you shop at BWC. NOTE; pepitas are not Australian only pumpkin seeds are.

BASILIO- Giorgio bakes us the most special sourdough breads and we know how particular he is about supporting farmers with his ingredients and only the best is used, that’s why we get the best.


When we started our first year, we had no computer it was all handwritten, so we have come a long way and the iPad is our savior.

We also have been very lucky with all our grants. Wendy Taylor was right on track with them we have received over the years computer, shelving, scales, storage tubs, 2 x fridges and the freezer. This has been such a big help for us to get bigger and increase our volume of products and range. For our 10 years our membership has stayed at $50, and Renewal went from $15 to $20 after our first year open.

We started our first lot of workshops in 2015 Fermenting, Cheese and yogurt making beeswax wraps were a big hit and very messy to clean up. We also did a passata making day with Maggie bringing in her machine and we did over100kg tomatoes.

Then in 2020 we added the eftpos.


2 recipe books 2015 & 2018

COSTA visiting and doing a half hour live stream when we were at the Brown Hill cricket club, that was so exciting for us all.

FLOORING our flooring was renewed around 2020

10th year Calendar.

We all in the Ballarat Wholefoods Committee would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has been so supportive and helped us along the way. Our ethos and why we are so passionate about Ballarat Wholefoods Collective is:

Healthy Living

Cost effective

Reducing waste

Supporting Community

Helping farmers

Friendly, likeminded people

Fresh, organic, bio dynamic, spray free, sustainably farmed delicious food

Cutting out the middleman

Having fun and laughter in your day.

Any fundraising money we make at BWC put towards signage advertising and keeping membership/renewals and pricing down.

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